Charles Rogers


Charles is a Chicago native who grew up with a passion for film and music. Through a hobby of computers and a fascination with turntables, he decided to go to art school, with a focus on music. He soon realized like his idol, Walter Murch, a fondness for the relationship of audio and video…

He honed his skills at the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg studying video and filmmaking techniques. Fueled by his passion for his developing craft and love for the art, Charles decided to move to LA to be amongst the best in the industry after finishing school.

Charles has worked on Everlast’s “Stone In My Hand” video. As an editor for DECA, run by former Sony guru’s Chris Kimbell and Michael Wayne in Santa Monica, he worked on properties such as Boing Boing TV, Dog and Pony, and Momversation.

Charles traveled to Dubai for the one of a kind Mr Zhed 3D attraction as a producer for 3Dsite, the company that brought Crush to Disney’s California Adventure.

He has since continued to work on his own brand “Digital Genius” while partnering with some of the most experienced creative heads in the game…


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