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“Dance Life” featuring Grace Tiago


ImageImageI love to collaborate! It was awesome to come together for this impromptu shoot with Lucia!

Echo Nittolitto

Charles Rogers Photography

I recently had the honor of working with one the hardest working and most versatile traveling models!

What a great addition to the growing portfolio – and I am just getting started.

Make sure you check out the portfolio at

Photography – Down the rabbit hole

Talia Weldon

Talia Weldon

I have always been intrigued by good art of any form but, photography has always had a special place in my heart. This was my first real photo shoot with a full crew and I am hooked! After spending months reading and studying “theory” based on some of my favorite works and visual styles. Cramming my brain to understand all the dimensions to getting good shots! Still learning and having loads of fun! Can’t wait to do more… Down the rabbit hole I go!